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Sway-A-Way has offered a bolt-on 2.0" coilover shock for years, and I have used one of their earliest versions with great success for many years and a lot of hard miles. In 2005 they made their 2.5" Series available for the Toyota Tacoma, and I decided it was time to upgrade. The 2.5" Series coilover offers the same bolt-on convenience of the 2.0", but the larger diameter allows for larger internals and 50% more oil capacity. The RaceRunner coilovers (2.0" and 2.5") provide much better handling and off-road capability than the stock components. In addition to the ability to withstand more abuse, they also provide an adjustable lift in ride height (a true suspension lift). I am currently running the 2.5" units adjusted to approximately  2 1/2" to 2 3/4" higher than stock. To find out more details on these shocks, visit the RaceRunner website.

There is quite a lot of information and products available for the Toyota Tacoma IFS (Independent Front Suspension). What you will find here is just a little bit of information that I have compiled that relates to what I have used with the BAJATACO.COM expedition vehicle. 

There are many other products to choose from these days, and I have included some information and links in the "Photos, notes and links" section below. For anyone who already has the Sway-A-Way units, or might be considering them, I have some other articles outlining how to install them on your Tacoma truck as well as rebuild them for maintenance purposes.

  Photos, notes and links

  RaceRunner 2.0" rebuild article

  RaceRunner 2.0" installation article

  Sway bar quick disconnects

  Various ramblings and thoughts...

  Control Arms & Ball Joints

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