Cyan Rift Jewelry  My wife's site :-)  Uwe and Srisuda are great friends and fellow adventurers. We did a spectacular trip to Thailand with them in 2004/2005 and do trips with them on a regular basis.  Darren's amazing photography and adventures, + 4Runner and lots of great info 
ChucksWeb A crazy wildlife biologist and his adventures. Check out his new Tacoma too
The Beckoning "An eccentric little dirt road somewhere away from the bustle of the Information Superhighway" Definitely check out the "explorations" section of his site.
Jonathan & Roseann Hanson Are pro writers, photographers, adventurists, conservationists, guides, naturalists, and the list goes on...
Mark D Known in some circles as "The ambassador of the sonoran desert". See what Mark is up to and you are sure to be entertained. Why? Because he is good at it, being a writer, photographer and musician.
DesertDude & DesertGirl Multi-talented and extremely fun people to go on an adventure with.
BadgerTrek Erik and Amy have been on a two-year-plus odyssey around the country in their expedition-prepared 4wd van.
Terroir Seeds: Just say NO to GMO and grow your own food. Visit Stephen and Cindy Scott's blog and check out their amazing seed catalog.
GO! Adventure Recreation If you are planning a visit to Prescott, Arizona and want someone fun to guide you to the best local biking and hiking trails, Dave is the man to talk to.
Overlanding, 4WD and Off-Road manufacturers and suppliers
Adventure Trailers Seeing is believing - check them out
ARB USA Legendary equipment
AutoHome Quality roof-top tents
Baja Overland Overlanding supplies and equipment
Camburg Engineering suspension & fabrication
DeMello Off Road suspension & fabrication
Donahoe Racing suspension & fabrication
End of the Road Quick Fist equipment clamps
Equipt Expedition Outfitters "Stuff as tough as you"
Extreme Outback Products recovery, air, general expedition accessories
Four Wheel Campers 4wd pop-up campers
Maxpedition Hard-use gear Roof-top Tents
Roemer Offroad - Your Land Rover overland specialist (360) 608-2918
Sierra Expeditions Camping and Overland equipment for your next adventure
Slee Offroad Overlanding products and Land Cruiser specialties
Snow Peak Amazing expedition camping solutions, since 1958
Stubbs Welding fabrication
Sway-A-Way (suspension)
Total Chaos suspension & fabrication
Viking Offroad Recovery gear and more



Adventure Partners
Expeditions West  Discovery, Adventure, Exploration: Specializing in writing and photography to document remote places and adventures as well as vehicles and expedition/adventure equipment. A great resource for vehicle-dependant expedition travel including modifications and equipment selection, installation articles, trip reports, trail guides, white papers. Consulting and specialized training available.
Expedition and Overlanding magazines, books & videos
Overland Journal  North America's first vehicle-dependent expedition and overlanding magazine.
DesertDude Films Capturing  Expedition & Overland Travel, along with Off-Road Adventures in HDV. Throughout the Southwest U.S., North America, and the World.
Wild Death Valley Visit Steve Greene's site, which contains a wealth of knowledge and resources for one of the wildest places on earth. Be sure to get his book, which makes a great companion for your next trip.
On-Board Camera Systems
TotalVision Products
Ozi Explorer Southwest U.S. DVD map sets for Ozi Explorer
Overland Navigator Mapping software
Other Expedition related sites
Africa Overland A B*tchin' Land Rover Defender 110 and a massive continent makes for some incredible stories and photos.
Expedition Awareness
Expedition Awareness
- Please visit the site to learn about ALD and how you can help make a difference, and also check out some fantastic expedition notes and news regarding routes they are working on in the U.S.A.
Turn-key Expedition Vehicles
American Expedition Vehicles (AEV)
XP Camper
Organizations & Associations
Overland Society
African Conservation Fund
Tread Lightly
Baja Related
Baja Nomad
Baja Trekker
Graham Mackintosh
Screaming Airlines

Tequila - In search of the Blue AgaveWhether just getting acquainted, or brushing up on your knowledge, Ian Chadwick's fine website about the wonderful world of tequila is an adventure worth taking.