I consider a disconnected sway bar to be essential for doing difficult trails with the Toyota Tacoma. The stock IFS is already a poor candidate for suspension travel, so just like adding better coilovers and/or replacement arms, we need to give it all the help it can get. When the sway bar is connected to the lower a-arms, it creates a semi-solid lever between the two front sides of the truck. Depending on what one side is doing, the other side can't act as independently as it could due to this common connection. The bottom line is that with a disconnected sway bar, you will have more independent travel, and have a better chance at keeping your tires in contact with the trail. This means better traction and stability. With a good set of quality springs and shocks (coilovers), you can drive the truck with the sway bar completely removed and not notice it much until you might need to make an evasive maneuver at a high rate of speed. The use of a pair of quick-disconnects allows you to leave the sway bar bolted to the chassis, but disconnected or connected to the a-arms as you choose. The set that I have are called "thermonuclear disconnects" and were made by a TTORA member who goes by the name of "NUKE", however, he is no longer producing them. A very similar design is available from Lars Dennert at larsdennert.com . Another variation of the disconnects can be found at Front Range Off-Road Fabrication .