Eventually, I replaced the old leaf packs with a new set of custom springs from Alcan Spring. I filled out a form detailing the specs on my truck, including how it is used, what kind of modifications I have and where things are located with regards to weight as compared to stock. I then took the truck to a local commercial truck scale, and weighed the gross weight, front half and rear half. I was really happy to find that the weight split was distributed almost evenly between the front and rear. My efforts to make this happen had paid off. (For the record, the gross weight was 5,040 lbs. - Front was weighed at 2,500 - Rear was weighed at 2,560 (when combined, the number is a little off from the actual total). This was with an average "every day" load. Fully supplied for a trip would add anywhere from 300 lbs. to 700 lbs. of additional weight depending on the trip and level of reserve water and fuel. By way of comparison, the stock curb weight of my Tacoma is 3,700 lbs. The combination of the Alcan springs with the Downey shackles and adjustable shocks has been great! My only complaint would be that I still get a bit too much body roll for my tastes when traversing obstacles and uneven terrain at an angle, but unless I figure out (a most likely expensive) solution, I am satisfied with the current arrangement. In other words, I am being "picky" :) To see some installation photos and commentary, click here