Some general Tacoma specifications (95-04) related to expedition use

Ladder frame construction Strong frame design can support a moderate build-up (expedition and off-road modifications) on rough trails. Easily accommodates rock sliders and other after-market rock armor. Toyota has designed the underbelly so that all of the components are tucked up high to maximize ground clearance and minimize damage.
Double-wishbone Independent Front Suspension (IFS) with coil-over shocks This suspension design has proven to be very durable and has a lot of aftermarket options available including complete long-travel kits as well as high-quality adjustable and rebuild-able coil-over shocks. Stock A-arms and CV joints can reliably accommodate up to 2.5" of suspension lift. Does not use torsion bars.
Straight rear-axle with spring-over leaf suspension Easily customizable rear suspension with plenty of articulation and minimal protrusion of parts below the axle.
Selectable, electric, rear locking differential (factory option) Time proven, reliable, indispensable tool for traction.
Selectable, air-operated, front locking differential (aftermarket option) Air locker is available from ARB. Other (full-time) lockers are available from other manufacturers.
"5VZFE" V6, 190 HP Engine (factory supercharger avail - 260HP) Time proven, bullet-proof, non-interference type, efficient engine. 3-second removal of air filter, fast fluid level checks, with most fluid reservoirs being see-through. In over 138,000 miles and almost 10 years of use so far, my engine does not leak any fluids.
6'-0" cargo bed (Regular cab and Xtracab models) Sufficient as sleeping quarters for anyone under 6 feet tall. (a sleeping platform with some kind of sliding extension could probably be built for people over 6 feet tall). Width between fender wells is over 4'-0" - great for building a cargo deck.
18.5 gallon fuel tank with EPA mileage estimates of 17 mpg (city) A reasonably efficient use of fuel when considering the use of the vehicle for expeditions. I actually get an average of 16-17 mpg with mixed use driving AFTER all of my modifications. Note that there is enough room under this truck to fit an auxiliary fuel tank. Downey Off-Road makes an aftermarket unit or you can build your own.